• Fundraising and Image
    av ERF Secretary på 2021-02-16 kl. 06:57 in Working groups, fundraising, Image, working groups

    The financial means of the ERF as a nonprofit organization based on volunteers are quite poor. This working group focuses on developing financial support for the ERF-activities directly and to […]

  • Trainings
    av ERF Secretary på 2021-02-16 kl. 06:50 in Working groups, training, working groups

    The ERF is ongoing working on establishing regular training courses from Rangers for Rangers within Europe. In many countries there is highly professional knowledge about special issues for Ranger […]

  • Volunteers
    av ERF Secretary på 2021-02-15 kl. 20:43 in Working groups, Volunteers, working groups

    Most countryside and urban green space organisations, utilise volunteers in one way or another to add value to what they do. There are many other reasons why volunteers can be an important and a much […]

  • Biodiversity as a complex issue of nature education using the example of large carnivors
    av ERF Secretary på 2021-02-14 kl. 20:41 in Training, carnivors, training

    Proposed venue (and backup-region): Carpathians, Romania (Bieszczady National Park, Poland) Special focus of biodiversity issues: Successful communication of complexe ecological issues using the […]

  • Biodiversity as a complex issue of nature education using the example of nature interpretation
    av ERF Secretary på 2021-02-14 kl. 19:54 in Training, interpretaion, nature education

    Proposed venue (and backup-region): Denmark (Austria) Special focus of biodiversity issues: Educational work for rangers including the concept of nature interpreattion Successful communication of […]

  • Working with Junior- and Volunteer-Rangers
    av ERF Secretary på 2021-02-14 kl. 19:32 in Training, Junior, training, Volunteer

    Proposed venue (and backup-region): Bavarian Forest National Park (Black Forest National Park) Special focus of biodiversity issues: Educational work with kids and youths in biodiversity focussing on […]

  • New European Executive Committee elected
    av ERF Secretary på 2020-05-16 kl. 11:24 in Newsletter

    The ERF has a new board of officers. Because the European Ranger Congress had to be cancelled, we were forced to carry out the elections of the board and the acceptance of the work report, the […]

  • News from ERF president Urs Wegmann
    av Niklas Göth på 2020-04-16 kl. 17:41 in Newsletter

    Dear rangers in Europe These are extraordinarily difficult times. I have been in contact with many of you since the Corona Crisis began. I know rangers, who have fallen ill […]

  • Israeli and German Ranger continue to strengthening their Twinning Project
    av ERF Secretary på 2020-02-29 kl. 09:39 in Twinning

    Six German rangers visited their Israeli colleagues in January 2020 to exchange knowledge about their daily work lives and learn from each other. The second exchange of German rangers to Israel […]

  • Junior Ranger at Albanian NP Divjakë-Karavasta
    av Niklas Göth på 2020-02-25 kl. 12:37 in Junior Ranger, albania, divjake, Junior, karavasta, national, park, Ranger

    At the lagoon of Divjakë-Karavasta NP there is running a JR-program established by Ervin Allushi in cooperation with the Albanian Ranger Association and the Twinning program with Swiss Rangers and […]