HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam – Five out of six people working in the conservation sector in Vietnam say that they have directly experienced some form of sexual harassment in their work environment. This is just one striking finding of a new report by WildAct, a Hanoi-based conservation organization that surveyed 114 wildlife conservationists, environmentalists and government officers working in Vietnam. “Many of the students in the wildlife conservation university course that we run are female, and one day one of our best students called us late at night really confused and upset,” said Trang Nguyen, WildAct’s founder. “She said that she had gotten the opportunity to go into the forest to conduct field work for the first time, and she had been sexually harassed by the senior forest rangers.” The student said that she was considering quitting conservation altogether, or at the very least requesting to only do desk work moving forward. “This triggered something in me, as it had happened to me before as well, and at that time I thought I’d brush it aside because I’m a conservationist and it’s more important for me to focus on animals and other issues,” Nguyen said. Now, Nguyen and the team at WildAct decided something needed to be done. They sent a survey in which respondents could share their experiences with sexual harassment to NGOs, INGOs and government agencies working in the sector. “We received a lot of pushback,” Nguyen recalled. “People would reply saying that this isn’t real, there’s…This article was originally published on Mongabay Läs mer