Today we have two stories about the impacts of mining and some of the new and innovative ways conservationists are attempting to deal with those impacts. Listen here: Our first guest is Dr. Manuela Callari, a Mongabay contributor who recently wrote about the tens of thousands of abandoned and shuttered mine sites in Australia. Callari tells us about her reporting on the novel solutions to restoring the native habitat destroyed by old mines, and the ways the mining industry is just now starting to work with local and aboriginal communities on their mine closure plans. We also welcome to the program Bjorn Bergman, an analyst with the NGO SkyTruth who is leading the development of Project Inambari, an open mapping platform that utilizes satellite radar imagery to detect the impacts of small-scale, illegal mining in the Amazon rainforest. Project Inambari was recently named one of the winners of the Artisanal Mining Challenge, and Bergman is here to tell us how the prize money will be used to scale Project Inambari up and why satellite radar is an effective means of tracking mining in tropical forests. Optical imagery of a mining area showing frequent cloud cover. Credit: European Space Agency. Processed satellite radar showing the same area. Credit: SkyTruth and European Space Agency. If you enjoy the Mongabay Newscast, we ask that you please consider becoming a monthly sponsor via our Patreon page, at Just a dollar per month will really help us offset the production costs and hosting fees,…This article was originally published on Mongabay Läs mer