It is impossible to capture all of 2020’s losses between the global pandemic, the impacts of natural disasters often exacerbated by human activities, and the atrocities committed against environmental defenders. Every death is of course notable, but this list acknowledges a few of the 2020 deaths that carry special significance to the conservation community. Pine forest in the Sierra Nevada Murders, assassinations, and other killings 12 Virunga park rangers: (DR Congo) Augustin Mugisho Kulondwa (27), Djamali Badi Mukandama (27), Hértier Ndagijimana Ndahobari (27), Jacques Muhindo Katembo (29), Jean-Louis Kambale Mutsomani (31), Jeannot Muhindo Isevihango (30), Joseph Kasole Janvier (30), Jules Kambale Teremuka (28), Junior Fazili Justin (29), Kadhafi Abedi Iyalu (23), Lumumba Anuari Bihira (27), and Moise Paluku Kalondero (30) were Virunga Park Rangers who were killed in an ambush near the headquarters of Virunga National Park in Rumangabo om April 24, 2020. Ruphin Masumbuko Malekani, a driver for the park authority, was also killed. More Adán Vez Lira, 53: (Mexico) Community leader known for his work to preserve the natural resources of his community, La Mancha, Veracruz, Mexico. He was gunned down on a local road in Veracruz. More Arbildo Meléndez Grandez, 43: (Peru) A Cacataibo indigenous leader from the Unipacuyacu native community in Huánuco, Peru. Grandez was gunned down on April 12, 2020 after receiving threats for his efforts to secure land titles for his community in the face of advancing encroachment by drug traffickers and illegal coca cultivation. More Benoit Maria: (Guatemala) The Guatemalan director of Agronomes…This article was originally published on Mongabay Läs mer