A woman with COVID-19 boards a plane in the Amazon to be taken to a Brazilian hospital in 2020. Today, the state of Amazonas is being overwhelmed by the virus. Photo credit: Ministério da Saúde on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA. As a catastrophic second wave of the coronavirus deeply threatens Brazil’s Amazonas state, creating an extremely serious health crisis, the state government has now sent an urgent SOS on behalf of governor Wilson Miranda Lima to a broad range of recipients, including international NGOs. Mongabay is supporting this extraordinary appeal by publishing the letter (see link here). The plea reads, in part: [W]e ask for your support in the midst of this emergency fight against COVID-19 in our State. The situation is dire, and our fear is that the same situation we are seeing in the capital Manaus will reach the inland of Amazonas, the traditional and indigenous populations that are in situation of greater vulnerability because of the distance and logistics involved in deploying rapid responses during this crisis. Only a joint [international] effort will allow us to face the pandemic… With the Amazonas public health service in collapse, there is presently no sign of the crisis abating. Many hospitals have now run out of oxygen, with patients dying as a result not only in the city of Manaus but also in the state’s interior. Amazonas State Governor Wilson Miranda Lima. Image courtesy of portalaunico. In a video published this week by the O Globo newspaper, the Amazonas Public…This article was originally published on Mongabay Läs mer