COLOMBO — It’s no “Eye of the tiger,” but Frank Sinatra’s “My way” seems to be doing a solid job helping an overweight and distressed Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in Pakistan get ready for a life-changing move to a sanctuary in Cambodia. Kaavan, described as the loneliest elephant in the world, has lived at Islamabad Zoo since 1985, sent there as a diplomatic gift from Sri Lanka while still a calf. From 1990 he had a mate at the zoo, but since her death in 2012 Kaavan has languished alone, developing physical and behavioral problems amid a general lack of care. A global campaign pushing for Kaavan to be moved out of the zoo culminated with a ruling by the Islamabad High Court in May that the elephant should be relocated to a place where he can roam free. The once lonely elephant plays hide and seek with vet Amir Khalil. Image courtesy of Four Paws International. Since then, an army of veterinarians and caretakers have been preparing Kaavan for his move. But the elephant is overweight from years of malnourishment, at high risk of infection from cracked toenails, and exhibiting behavioral problems. That’s where Sinatra comes in, says Amir Khalil, the Austria-based vet and director of the animal welfare organization Four Paws International. “Music therapy coupled with other calming methods appear to be working well,” Khalil, who is overseeing the medical checks necessary to ensure Kaavan can safely make the trip, told Mongabay. The therapy works to treat, among…This article was originally published on Mongabay Läs mer